Eat to Nourish

Mealtime at school is not only an important part of the experience, it’s the basis for whole-child wellbeing. Nourishing your students is more than our business – it’s our commitment to building strong bodies and sharp minds that help establish the foundation for a long, healthier life.

In an ever-changing environment, we work with you to deliver on the needs of your community. Your needs are our focus: students, faculty, parents. From sourcing to presentation, we promise a team of experts trained in the constantly evolving dietary requirements to provide safe, healthy offerings that stay current in a food-aware culture.

Menus Of Change


Menus Of Change

FLIK is committed to the health and wellbeing of our guests and our planet; therefore, we have adopted Menus of Change - the Principals of Healthy, Sustainable Menus, developed in partnership by the CIA and Harvard School of Public Health.

These principles focus on engineering our menus to create a more sustainable food supply, provide delicious, nutrient dense meals for students and protect and improve the health of our planet.

As a founding member of The Sustainability Leadership Business Council, Compass Group is proud to support this exciting initiative. We’ve committed to adopt four key areas of the Menus of Change Initiative so that we can support the industry transformation that is necessary to ensure a sustainable future. We believe that when our chefs make a plate of food, they have the power and influence to improve what our guests are eating. Increasing fresh produce and whole grains and limiting the amounts of red meat consumed will also have a positive impact on the health of our planet. We will empower our chefs to lead with the message of “flavor first.” Our Menus of Change commitment is our renewed pledge to the fundamentals.