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With an eye for innovation and detail, we serve your community through campus wide programs featuring nutrition education that enables life-long healthy choices.


Nutrition Education at Our Core
Being exceptional takes dedication

At FLIK, we believe in a holistic approach to nutrition. Without healthy, balanced mealtime choices, students don't learn as well. And to choose wisely, they need solid nutrition education that teaches them how to make a lifetime of sound dietary decisions.

Our customized programs provide students with exciting, digestible, age-appropriate wellness information that promotes a nutritious, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. Through creative menus, focusing on seasonal ingredients, unique tastings, and other programming we can ensure our students regularly explore new flavors and foods at school.


Food Allergy Management

We understand and take food allergy management very seriously.

In partnership with Food Allergy Research Education (FARE), all our chefs and managers participate in a companywide food safety training program known as ServSafeā„¢ to better educate our culinary staff about healthful and safe food preparations.

Additionally, the on-site foodservice staff at each of our schools is required to attend a comprehensive food allergy training session taught by our Director of Wellness. They learn how to approach every angle for preventing students with food allergies from encountering offending foods in the dining room.